Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So much to say, so little attention to detail...

Hi!! I'm working again, so I am not spending nearly enough time updating all of you. I'm short on time and tired when I get home so I don't get to update much. Sorry.

So training is going great. I love getting paid to learn stuff. I also love hanging out with all my friends again!! I missed them!!

In other news.... Well, I've been waiting to put this up here because I didn't want to jinx anything.... I've got a boyfriend. :o) He's a boyfriend I had before and didn't treat very nicely. I've grown up alot since then and I think I've learned enough not to repeat past stupidities. Anyway, it's great! We've been having so much fun! Every weekend since we got back together we've done something fun. Movies, shopping, going out to eat, just hanging out... etc. So I'm really hoping things stay as good as they are right now. If they don't then I'll just have to work my ass off to make sure they do!

Talk to you soon (hopefully) !!



WNW said...

You didn't treat him well or he didn't treat you well? If he didn't treat you well Ben and I may have to kick his face in...

007ben said...