Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Premonition turned reality...

Well, remember last night when I felt like something was happening? Well guess what? It did. I got a call from an old supervisor today who works at the big Yellow, she asked if I wanted a job in their technical support department. I said sure, and she took my resume and someone called me back later to do a pre-screening phone interview. Now, it isn't exactly what I wanted to do, but it's money and I'm really tired of being broke. Not only that, I'm really good at technical support, so I guess its not the worst thing in the world for sure. Still hoping for that EWEB job, but if that doesn't pan out, this is pretty great. The job wouldn't start till Dec 15th at the earliest, which is great because I'd still have time to hear from EWEB. And it's still in December, which means I can use more of my December resources towards X-Mas (because I'll be able to pay my rent with my first work-check).

So that's all for now. I need to go put my laundry in the dryer. I'm going to my sister's house for Turkey day so I'll be away from the pc. No chances of blogging till Friday. So, on Friday I'll probably be all about posting photos of my neices and all the fun I had over Turkey day. Love you all! Have a great Thanksgiving and save me a peice of pumpkin pie!!!


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WNW said...

I dropped another resume in for you as well. for both the gold support and the level 2 consumer support.