Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...

Ok, enough singing! I'm feeling excited right now. Don't know why. Just am. Like something really cool is going to happen soon. Don't know if I'm having premonitions or if I just had too much caffiene today. *shrugs*.

In other comments:

This is something I've wanted to comment on for awhile but I keep forgetting to whenever I'm actually here, ready to type.
So how many of you saw Demolition Man, (released 1993)? I did. Multiple times. Anybody ever notice that in that movie Arnold Schwarzenegger had been president? And there was an amendment made to make it so he could be elected legally!
Does anybody find it strange that he is trying to get an amendment just like that now? I wonder, did he decide to do that after seeing that in Demolition Man? Or did he pay to put that in the movie, kinda like a little bit of subliminal messaging, making sure that the people in the right age bracket would hear that and think... "what a great idea!!! Arnold for prez!"
What a tricky way to put his name out there, don't you think? It was a pretty successful movie too. He didn't even have to show his face to get himself in there. Just a casual statement between the two main characters to get the idea across loud and clear.
That's it for now. I just found that very strange, cool, but strange. It wasn't just me, was it?

Nitey nite everybody.. oh! And if I don't post again tomorrow, Happy Turkey Day!

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