Saturday, October 02, 2004

What a day!

This morning I saw my son off for his first all-by-myself bus trip. He went to my sister's house for the weekend. I wrote everything down(I thought) and waited very impatiently for him to call me and tell me that he got there.

I waited and waited and told my little sis to go wait for him at the stop. She called me and told me that he wasn't at the stop! I'm thinking "oh crap! Now I gotta go look for him" Now the hard part about this is that I was supposed to have a friend-date at 1:20pm and when my sister called me it was almost 11 am. So I have to go downtown to see where the hell my son is. On my way down my other sister calls and tells me that he finally got there.

Apparently when giving my son the instructions I left out the first part because I assumed he knew. Uh, yeah, right. Well, he'd gone all the way to Springfield station when he really just needed to go two blocks to the nearest stop. So of course, he missed the bus we'd planned on him taking and ended up taking another one downtown instead, which made him miss the other bus that was written down on his paper.
Luckily though my son is smart and thats how he got there at all. He'd taken a different bus that went downtown because it was leaving sooner.

I'm so excited that he made it!! Yay!

So when I went to look for my son and then found out that he made it ok I swapped to the bus that went to the mall to grab something to eat before my friend-date. When I'd left for the downtown I was wearing a brown sweater, but by the time I'd gotten to the mall I realized that it was waaaay to hot to wear the rest of the day. I didn't have time to go home and change and just happened to have some cash in my pocket.
I went to Lane Bryant to see what was on sale. I found three shirts I absolutely looooved but I could only afford one. I settled on a green on with a fake undershirt. It was what best matched my brown shoes. I bought it and rushed out to the nearest girls' room to change into my newest clothing purchase.

After shopping and changing I got a crispy chicken burrito and an empanada. I ate the chicken burrito, but I was too full to eat the empanada.
When done with that I went to look at earrings and then video games. Finally it's almost time for my friend to get there. On my way to the theatre I picked up an Avon catalog to read while I waited.

I got to the theatre about 10 minutes early so I found a bench and sat down. As I sat and looked around I noticed a man walking back and forth expectantly. When I'd first arrived he'd looked at me like he thought I was going to say something to him. I think maybe he was waiting for a blind date of some sort. He was still pacing when my friend got there.

We saw the movie, it was fun. When it was over my friend walked me over to the bathroom (I had to pee) and we parted. There was no real reason for him to hang out and wait. I was about ready to get started home anyway. He offered me a ride, but I declined. Preferring to take my time and ride the bus.

When I came out of the bathroom I saw someone I knew out of the corner of my eye. JIM! I used to have such a crush on him. He has a girlfriend though. So he's out of reach. He was soooo cute though. His hair was a little grown out in the back. It curled up just a little at the bottom. Oh - my - god. So hot. We small talked for like 60 seconds. His girlfriend was with him so I didn't go overboard on that. I could tell that she was just humoring me, or maybe him, who knows. I desparately wanted to hug him before I left, as used to be our custom before he was spoken for, but I didn't think it appropriate. As usual though we shared a very long I-don't-really-want-to-leave-you look before I turned and walked away.

Soon I was walking into Target to pick up a couple things before going home. While I was waiting for the bus I decided to go to see Comedysportz. I called Aaron to see if he was going to be there, and then went home to shower because I was all hot and sweaty from being out in the heat.

I figured since I hadn't been to CSz in a long time I should make the most of it so I put on some makeup and I put the hat back on that I'd been wearing earlier. I was just hot. And I don't mean that in the it's-100-degrees-outside kinda way.

I got to CSz. Walked in. People said hi to me, but nobody seemed impressed that I was there. I've been gone from there for almost a year and I barely got a Hi. So I walked back outside, it was cooler out there anyway. I had a little bit of small talk with Russell, then I went back inside. The uncomfortable-ness was gone when I came back in. I talked a little with Mike and Natalie, and then Jess showed up with alot of his friends.

Jess is cool. Haven't talked to him in awhile. His friends were very interesting. Jess introduced me to a couple, including this one red-haired girl who gave me the meanest dirty look possible when she first saw me. I think that she was jealous. LOL I told you I looked hot tonight.

There was one guy, his name was Joshua who seemed very insistent that I know who he was and that he knew who I was. He is a married christian though so no danger of that being anything other than friendly. He introduced me to his wife and this 15 year old guy named Gabe who was really really hot and if I was 15 I'd have been eyeing him something awful.

Oh and did I mention the boyfriend of the red-head who kept staring. It was crazy. Once, when she'd walked away, he held his hand out like he wanted to shake hands. So I took his hand with my free hand and then he tells me that he was trying to get me to "give five" lol. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed by all of the weird attention.

After the show I said goodbye to Aaron and everybody else and headed for the bus. I'd almost gone to karaoke. But didn't.

When getting to the bus stop I noticed a good looking man waiting for the bus and he noticed me noticing him. I got on the bus and headed for the back like I always do. Guess what? He came and sat by me! Whoa!
On the ride out to Springfield we looked at eachother occasionally, once catching eachother and doing the whole smile-and-nod thing.
Almost the end of the line, he asked me my name. Then asked if I was married or had a boyfriend. Which of course I DON'T. Hel-lo!
Then he asked for my number. Whoa. So I told him, no, but I'll take yours! He gave me the number and then pinned down a time when I'm supposed to call him - tomorrow at 3. He's from out of town, Oakland, CA. Just got here.
And what's really funny, he's worried that I'm gonna forget and not call him tomorrow.

Did I mention that I looked really hot tonight? Not to be concieted or anything, but that had to have been at least part of the reason for all the attention....


wmalik said...

this is hell of a long busy day and guess what? having read your Reportage, I sure you were looking really hot.
keep blogging

WNW said...


also, I hate the bus.