Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sitting down to write...

Well, I turned on my computer so I could sit down and write. As usual though, as soon as it comes on I'm totally unproductive. I look at the computer and wonder how in the heck I'm supposed to come up with something to write about? I've come up with some cool stuff today and I figured that if I was having all those ideas, possibly this insight would carry across to my fingers.

Less than a month till our work is done. So many ideas on what I want to do. I need to talk to my ex and decide what I'm going to do there. He apparently called today while I was sleeping and my son spoke to him. I'm not wholly sure that he called here. I'd be more inclined to believe that my son called him. lol. So I suppose that I'll email him before I go to sleep. I may accept his offer, if only for a short time.

Ok, I'm going now. Sorry so short.

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WNW said...

I recomend you stay away from that guy. I don't know him, but in my experience if someone is your ex there is probably a pretty good reason for that