Thursday, September 09, 2004

In other news...

I'm feeling like I want to run away again. Pack up my kid and just go. I won't. My son's in a school he likes and I've tried to not do that to him. Honestly though I just want to get away from everybody.

I talked to my sister and my mom on the phone today. All these politics around everything. My sisters nuts and all of a sudden wants to move to Corvallis. This is ok for her, but she wants my other sister to go with her to "help her out" (translation: babysit for her while she goes out every other night.) My mom, of course, agrees that she should take Mary with her. That Laura "needs the help"... because "she's been there and knows what it's like...". Yeah Mom... help Laura's co-dependency issues along a little... make her just that bit more like you. That will help alot. Let her have 4 kids and raise non of them, in favor of going out and chasing every piece of easy tail, or Dick in this case because she feels lonely.
Did I mention that my sister told me that she has the Clap? Yeah, and it's not the first time either. My mom thinks that's no big deal, she's even gotten it before. It's treatable. WTF? No big deal???? Laura made a couple of mistakes. She'll get over it. Uh.. NO. She never learns. I'm surprised with the way she's been acting lately that she doesn't have AIDS too.
I know Mary doesn't want to move to Corvallis. Mary is studying Japanese at the HS she's at right now and has friends there. She would be better off staying in one place. It's more stable. It's not fair to make her move. I volunteered to take her so that she wouldn't have to move. Not for me, I don't need the help. She's actually more work than it's worth for me to take her. She did almost burn down my kitchen after all. I offered only for her sake. You know what my mother says? "Now, I know you need help too Angi. But your sister has three kids..." Blah blah blah...What she doesn't say is that she agrees with me, and that it would be better for Mary to stay at one school. All she thinks about is who needs the workhorse more. Like she's a slave up for trade.
Holy shit. Just who's life is this anyway?
-My moms? No. She's going to live on a piece of land outside Klamath falls because she thinks the world is going to end and wants to be able to "live off the land" in Southern Oregon, because she doesn't think this natural disaster is going to hit there.
-Laura's? No. She just needs a babysitter so she can get to her next piece of ass. Or so she doesn't have to do her own laundry or dishes. Or so she has someone to look like they're paying attention to her children while she goes out to smoke 3 cigarettes every 10 minutes while her children go without diapers.
-Mary's? No. She's just a slave, up for bid to the person with the most kids.

So anyway... I'm just pissed off at the wrongness of this whole situation.

I'm going to bed now before I get an aneurysm.

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WNW said...

Holy Shit. Your family is FUCKED up Angi. Seriously, they sound like a clan of grade 1 wackos. Let them have their misery I say. You're okay, you have your shit straight. You can never convince someone they are self-destructing.

Two things, why is dick capitilized and RE:"chasing every piece of easy tail." I'm guessing your sister is not a lesbian. That means she like, all boys are easy. There really isn't much "chasing" involved. In my experince it more about showing up.

She's letting herself get tapped when she has the clap? That's downright evil.