Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Too many damn choices...

Do I go to school? Do I look for a job here in Eugene/Spfld? Do I apply for one that's already been suggested to me?? I just don't know!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!

It's been a long day and I'm tired. Again I am up far too late and will be dragging tomorrow. I really wish we weren't on this damn OT. I need to be doing other things.

Got a new video game, well, new for me... it's Tekken 2 for the PS1. Me and my son played for a few minutes tonight. Fun fun. I've missed my good fighting games.

Must go to bed now. Nite nite.


WNW said...


That's one of my favorite games ever and the best in the Tekken series

WNW said...

Also, you should get a job as Symantec so I can harrass you

Anonymous said...

I agree. Tekken 2 is awesome! Sorry I missed your bbq man.