Saturday, July 17, 2004


Oh my gosh!!  So much fun!    
Went bowling yesterday.  Big big group turned out.  More than I expected, but still missing a couple of people.   We took up three lanes!!  I played three games.  My son came too, and he played four games.  He got a strike!! On his first time ever bowling.  LOL  He was so excited.  
The people who came:  Me, Dari, Darren, William T.(surprise surprise), Ronda, William M., Jason, Ryan, Sherry, Chris H., Gabe,  and Jesse (and his girlfriend Christina).   Thanks guys.
Ronda and I were late.  We would have only been a couple of minutes late, but Ronda wanted to do something special with her hair that required hairspray.  She was going to borrow some from me, but I don't use hairspray.  So she went to the store instead.
So, she went to the store and got some before coming to pick me up.  We didn't get there until eight.  It was supposed to be 7:30, we rationalized saying that a lot of people were going to be late.  I called the bowling alley to let them know we'd be late.   We were almost to the bowling alley when I got a call.   LOL, it was William T.  asking where we were.  I told him that we were on our way, we'd be there shortly.  I asked if there was anybody else there too, he said that Sherry was there, and "some guy". 
Got there, got our shoes and ran over to the people waiting.  Turns out that the "some guy" was actually Jesse and he had his girlfriend there, which was cool because the more people the better!    Ok, so we all picked out our balls and got the names and stuff set up.  On the lane I was on was Me, Dari, Sherry and William T.    On the lane next to us was Ronda, William M., Jesse, and his girlfriend.  Since we had a few people there we started playing without waiting for everybody else. 
Shortly after that, Chris H. and Gabe got there.  We were going to put them on the lane to the left of my group, William T. was going to play both sides so they would have a third.  They went to the other side of Ronda and William M.'s lane instead though.  (I found out later that the reason was because Gabe didn't want to play on the left side of the scoring machine.)  Ryan got there about that time too.  So he ended up being the third for them on the lane they took.
He started drinking right away.  The kind of drinking people do when they're trying to forget something, or cope with something.  That kind of desperate drinking my mom used to do when she wanted to stop thinking about some guy.  It was a little weird.  He had apparently had a couple before getting to the bowling alley too.  Bad Ryan, drinking and driving.  
Last but not least were Darren and Jason.  Darren said he was probably going to be there about 8:30, it was closer to 9:00, that was ok though.  It was fun having him and Jason there.  They brought the average on our three lanes up by at least 30 points. LOL  
By the time Jason got there our lane was almost finished with our first round so we changed up a bit.   Jason, Darren and William T. played on the lane to our left.  Sherry and I and Dari stayed where we were.  Half-way through the second game and Dari go bored.  He went off to play video games.  This of course sped up our game immensely.    After we finished our second game we noticed that Jesse and his girlfriend had left, and Ryan had started playing with them, and with Gabe and Chris.  They were nearly done playing though, so we invited Gabe and Chris H. to come play with me and Sherry.  Back down to three lanes it was much easier to cheer each other on. 
On into the third game.  Dari was now playing on the William n' Darren's  side because they started their third later and he's suddenly interested again.   They must have been good luck because while he was playing with them he got a strike and a spare!  He's only 10 and this was his first time ever bowling!  I was so proud of him.  At the time when he got his strike, I hadn't even gotten my first one.  LOL    I did after that though.
Ryan had had way too much to drink and now he was trying to get up and go.  He paid for his bowling so far and handed back his shoes.   He borrowed Ronda's phone a couple times and looked like he was heading out the door.   Darren and William T. stopped him and talked him into playing one more game.   Chris and Gabe took off at that point.  They were all done playing.  I was too, but since Ronda was drinking too I was waiting for William T. so he could give me a ride home instead. 
So after the last game, we were getting ready to leave and I had to go to the restroom.  When I got back Ryan was gone.  Apparently, everybody was so busy getting ready to go, nobody noticed him slip out.  We all left then. In the parking lot, right before we left, I got a phone call from my sister Laura saying that my other sister Mary was waiting outside my house.   Mind you, it was after 10:30 at the time when I talked to her.  My sister was sitting outside my apartment all alone in the dark.  Crazy nut.  
I watched some tv and then went to bed.   All in all great night.

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