Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Happy Wednesday!!! It is the middle of the week again. Another day to go to workshop. I'm actually looking foward to it today which is a first. I'm also wishing that I had internet access at home. I would really like to be able to better keep up with this blog. I'm feeling very distanced from it lately.

So, a friend of mine went to a movie last night. He saw something I'd have actually liked to see, now I must catch up. I've been missing out on movies lately. I really need to get back in gear and go out!!! I should have gone this weekend but I didn't. Oh well.

I am now going to attempt to pick a random memory and put it to "paper" :

It's 1992. I haven't had any kids yet and I'm a carefree teenager. I live with my mommy here in Oregon.

I've been seeing a drummer lately. He lives upstairs, in the next building from my house. We live in "The Westwoods" which is in a very bad part of Eugene. You could almost call it ghetto except for the fact that I've lived in and been to ghetto parts of other cities that were much more so. I don't remember the drummers name. He is pretty tall (everybody seems to be compared to me) and he has really defined arm muscles, very nice. He has longish brown hair and brown eyes. I imagine he's even in a band, he has a drum set and everything. I've been to his apartment a few times. Nothing special. It's a studio, and he has nothing in it except his drum set and a mattress. Everytime I go there it's very dark. We make out alot while I'm here but that's as far as it goes. He's leaving town soon so there's no real point in us getting that serious.

That's the end of my memory for today. See you tomorrow!

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