Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Songs and Stuff

The best thing...?'sFREE freakin' free OMG ...

This is a brand new day and I'm learning more French! Yay Me!! I was looking for an online french flash card thing that I could use to quiz myself, because I don't like lugging around all the flashcards. I found this: is freakin' awesome!! It not only has flash cards, but it also quizzes you on spelling, and putting the words into sentences. It's like an advanced version of the French learning game on my NDS, called My French Coach. It has alot of the same type of learning tools. Oh, and the best thing about It's free. Freakin' free. OMG.

I also found the song from the Target commercial that I like so much! It's called Brand New Day and it's by Tim Myers (featuring Lindsey Ray)

This is the target commercial.

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