Monday, November 03, 2008


...awake, in pain and get paid...

I feel like utter crap today. I'm at work though. wow. Today my thought was, stay at home... awake, in pain. Or come to work... awake, in pain and get paid. Hmm... since the outcome was basically the same; Except that my typing skills are extremely limited due to my head trauma, and all my words are coming out wrong. (I had to retype half that sentence and most of this one, as an esxample.) Anyway, since the outcome was basically the same, I decided to come in and work. We're not extremely busy today (*knock on wood) and I should be ok. I see my doctor at 9:45 today. Maybe, hopefully, he can give me something that will knock out my freakin' headache. If I can get past that, I'll be ok I think.

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