Thursday, November 13, 2008


...We equate national health care to welfare...

I saw Sicko last night. If you haven't seen it yet, do. As soon as you can. Get it on Netflix or Blockbuster, whatever, just see it. It will make you angry.

I'm not just angry at our health care system. I'm angry at my fellow Americans for believing all the BS that we're fed through our media. We always hear about how bad socialized health care would be, and that if we did that, we'd eventually all be commies.

It's just not true. They have universal health care in Canada, the U.K., France and even Cuba!! Friggin' Cuba folks!

You know why we don't have it? Cause we're selfish. We equate national health care to welfare. When really, it's not just for the poor, it's for everybody. It makes the whole damn system easier. Easier for doctors, and easier for you! No stupid paperwork to fill out, no waiting till you're "approved", no denials from your insurance company, no waiting till you're on your deathbed to go to the doctor.

I have had insurance through my job since 1998. I have paid 200 per week or more to my insurance company, every month since then. I didn't use my health insurance much till this year. How much have I put into a system that is now causing me to declare bankruptcy because of their high deductibles and copays?

I have paid almost $104,000 !!

I would gladly have put that same amount in taxes instead, in order to receive health care like they have in Canada, or France, or the U.K.

Quote from: "Next Big Bailout" By Donna Smith
“Healthcare isn’t like widgets or tires or hammers and nails. Healthcare is a human right. When we are sick, when our neighbor is sick, when our parent is sick, when our child is sick, and yes – even when our enemies are sick – we must have access to medical care. To see a doctor or other healthcare professional when we need it (and before it has become a crisis) is the way a humane and just society behaves.”

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