Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walking is good for you

...the printer we chose is a joke

I went for a walk today, well, to be honest I go for a walk almost every day, but when I looked where I went on google maps it seemed like a really long walk!! This is an hour's worth of walking, because I'm trying to avoid snacks today. So I went as long as I could.

Click image for larger view

The green color was on the way out, the purple is on the way back from carnival which is that big building and parking lot at the end of my green line. I think if I keep doing this I'll have to get new shoes, because these ones are already wearing out on the bottom. They're cute, but not really made for walking.

In other news, we finally got Rob's book in to the printer. We should be able to pick up a proof on Thursday or Friday. I hope it comes out well, because the printer we chose is a joke. There aren't very many printers that do what we need in this area though. So, we'll see.

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