Sunday, January 06, 2008

Paid Again!

...I really love Pay-Per-Post ...

I can't say a bad thing about it. Log in, get something to talk about and then blog about it. Talk about something you love, or something you like. Talk it up and get some cash. Extra cash to pay for your web host, or buy your friend lunch. And it's soooooo easy! I would recommend payperpost to anyone who needs a little secondary income.

It's easy to use the site. You just log in and click on the Available Opportunities. Pick one that works for you and whammy bammy you got one!
You get paid in a timely manner, and it uses paypal, so it's very secure.

I really love payperpost and plan to keep on working for them for a long time. I have even referred some of my family members their way, my sister, for example is a poet and loves writing. So I thought, what better way for her to earn a little bit of side income? She could totally do payperpost.

This is how much I've made so far in case you want to know: $65.50 I've written 9 articles so far, about a variety of things, including my impending lapband surgery, injet ink, and even online paper dolls! lol So many different options!

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