Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Car is still stupid.

...I drove after that with a Bungee Cord holding my door shut...

Yesterday I fixed my car. Yes, I got greasy and gross. Well, only a little.
After work I went to a junk yard and spent $35 on the latch for my driver-side door. I've been getting in and out through the passenger side for about 2 weeks now and I was getting sick of it. Yesterday... Sunday? Sometime... I went to my friend Esther's and her BF got the door open for me... Sunday. Yeah, Sunday. Anyway, so he got the door open and I drove around after that with a Bungee Cord holding my door shut...

So like I said, went to the junk yard and got a new latch. Came home and put it in. I was so excited, like... look how cool I am! C'mon! Then... then my BF asks me "Can you roll the window down?" So I tried. Like yes, of course I can.... uh. No.
I rolled down my window and it opened my fricken door. So later today I get to open up the door panel again and find out where I went wrong.
When I did that it also loosened the bar that goes to the outside door handle. So I can get out ok, but I have to open the door from the inside to get it open to get back in.

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