Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thoughts thoughts and more thoughts.

...No school till later- New IPod right Now!

Bad news and good news and some general stuff. Maybe. lol
Ok, so I decided that I'm putting off school.
I really want to do it, but realistically I can't imagine dealing with school, work, and my surgery in Spring. I don't want to start school only to have to quit again later this year. Bad for my learning, bad for my credit.... (i.e.; student loans! ick)
I have officially dropped all my classes, and I'm going to the school today to talk about the reprocussions of doing that. I want to make sure my loans have been suspended/cancelled till I'm ready to start. I may start summer of '08 or wait till Winter of '08. Maybe things can be a little less crazy at that point.
I'm totally dissappointed, but really, honestly. I need to wait. In the meantime I'll continue to study on my own and focus on work and getting to March (when I'm supposed to have my surgery - more on that later)

Ok, on to the good news. I won an IPOD at work!!! One of those new ones, that have video. It's an 8 GB black IPOD nano! These are soooo awesome.

Also, after much going back and forth on this. I've got my paperwork 90% finished for my lap-band surgery. I am anticipating a 6 month physician supervised diet, so I won't be able to do it till March at the earliest. Also, from what I've seen on other people's blogs, it's not uncommon for insurance approval to be very very slow. I need to get this ball rolling!!!

Ok, that's all for now. See ya!

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