Friday, May 04, 2007

The chain of supply and demand...

...Viva la Revolution!!!

Instead of boycotting gas, which we know to be ineffective, lets instead boycott the cars that are keeping us dependent on oil.

Stop buying anything that runs solely on gasoline. Spinning Globe Force automakers to innovate and change their technology by hitting their bottom line.Globe

It's not just the oil makers fault that we are dependent on them. This is just a by-product of our need to go and go fast. We talk about how we want to save the world, we all talk about how global warming is out of control. Well let's do something that might actually work.

I'm asking you to stop buying any car that runs solely on gasoline. If that means you don't buy a car this year, then so be it. Don't buy a car.
This is a gas-powered car boycott!

If you care about our world, and global warming, then repost this as:
" Calling for a Revolution!!"

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