Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The flood and the sleeplessness... tired, that on my way to work I had that white-knuckled

It's trying so hard to flood outside. There was a severe weather alert yesterday for flooding in most of Oregon, I told a few people, but I didn't believe it myself. It seems that weather people and other natural disaster type folks are always trying to get people to worry, but very rarely do the predictions hold true.
I should be working right now. I'm physically here, but mentally I'm curled up sleeping right now. I stayed up too late again. I watched Heroes and a recorded copy of The War at Home. Both of these are awesome shows. I really hope Neilsen starts to take DVRs into account for the ratings soon.

I'm so tired, that on my way to work I had that white-knuckled worry that you get when you're afraid of losing control of the car. It didn't help that the freeways have, what seems to me to be, about an inch of water on them. I got here on time though, which was my main concern. I was driving a little slower because of the water and I didn't want it to make me late.
BTW, I'm getting a new disclosure page. Because I've been putting some paid ads on my site recently, and I felt it was important that I let everyone know. Oh, as a side note, only a few of my posts are paid. Most are just me ranting about something. So anyway, about that disclosure.... if you look over on the side there, there's a link to my new disclosure statement if you wanna read it. It's kinda boring though. *smiles*

Gonna go now. Hope you all have a great day! *hugs*

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