Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meeting with the trainer...

So, in furthering my weight loss goals I went to talk to a trainer at my gym yesterday. Apparently, I've been doing alot right... but there are a few things I could improve on.
Firstly, I'm not eating enough during the day. I need to eat some more small (tiny) meals throughout the day.
...I've been doing alot right but there are a few things I couldimprove on.

Secondly, I need more cardio and more muscle training. Both of which I knew already. She said that my push-ups were great. When I told her I did girlie pushups she admonished me for calling them that, "They're modified pushups..." she said. Today she is going to be showing me some more excercises that I can do at home since I'm not going to be in the gym all the time. The muscle training will be mostly using my own weight, that way I can get toned and won't bulk up like a guy. I'm ok with that.

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Adrien C. Merridiah said...

Hey Anji! That's cool that you're going to the gym and such. I want to but I can't afford it yet. You should link me to your blog! And comment!! I NEED comments! Lol. Talk to ya later!