Monday, July 10, 2006

Wallowing in my crazyness.

I'm at work, listening to music (Shinedown/Save Me) and reading about Ryan Gosling. He's so cool. He's got some new movies coming out soon - The Last Face,Lars and the Real Girl,The Other Side,The Good Heart,Fracture, Half Nelson

Feeling a little on the crazy side today and enjoying it. lol. I feel like going to karaoke, I wanna belt something out and drink alot. I'm thinking about adding Save me to my list of songs.

Oh, before I forget! CONGRATULATIONS LAURA! My sister had a baby boy on Friday. His name is Corbin (which I loooove) I'm so excited to have my first nephew!! She finally got her tubes tied too... or rather - Snipped, fried and tied! So I think I'm gonna throw her a "Finally Snipped" party! hee hee
Corbin is SOOO cute!

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