Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Feeling better now!

I ran up the stairs!!!! I haven't done that in a long time... OMG that was cool.

Ok, I suppose you want a backstory. Well here then:

Yesterday I went to talk to my doctor. He listened to my lungs and asked me a bunch of questions. He looked up my nose, and in my ears. He came to the conclusion that I have asthmatic bronchitis or broncial asthma, not exactly sure of the name.
So he gave me some albuterol for the asthma, and some little yellow pills for the cough.
The cough is still there, but is doing more and I can breath much better.

BUT - because the albuterol is a stimulant, I'm all jittery, kinda like sitting on a park bench during a low grade earth tremor. Which means that I've got all this pent-up energy so I've been tapping my foot - which bothers my neighbors - and walking really fast. So I went downstairs to get some milk for my cereal, and on the way back up, walking seemed too slow - so I ran! -- well, jogged, anyway.

Exciting stuff man.

See ya!!
- A

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