Thursday, April 13, 2006

$!@#!% Lottery!

Ok, so I'm sleeping, and I have this dream. I'm watching the news and I see three people standing there holding one of those giant checks that you get when you win alot of money. I can hear the announcer saying "..and three office workers win big.."
Well, me and two of my friends have been playing a lottery pool for a couple of months now, and amazingly enough, last night was Wednesday - lottery drawing day. So I get dressed for work imagining that it was just one of those wishful thinking dreams.
So after I got dressed, took my vitamins, had some tea, burned a CD to listen too... I went to work. You'll never guess what I saw. The sign for the lottery had changed from 200+ million to 15 million dollars. That meant that somebody won!
I'm jumping out of my skin in anticipation. I get to work, thinking I had to wait for an hour and a half till Greg gets here, he's the one who keeps track of it, and I see a paper on my desk.
It's a copy of our tickets for the next couple of weeks. It included today. Hmm...
So I go to the lottery place -
...........................needless to say - we didn't win. Damn. Oh well, maybe next time. It was a heckuva rush,though, for that few minutes when I thought we had.

See ya later!

***Update: I did actually win. We won $3.00, which was put back into the fund for more tickets! ***

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WNW said...

You won $3