Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Snow Day!!

It snowed today!! It's awesome! I love snow. Since I'm originally from Arizona, it's pretty much a foreign object to me.
This morning, I went out to my car and saw a light dusting of snow across it's top. I figured that it must have snowed this morning.
Driving to work, I could have sworn I saw some flakes in my headlights, but when I stopped it didn't seem to be coming down.
At work I saw snow on other cars and in the grass.

I sit near a window and as the day wore on the snow started drifting down, slowly at first, then bigger and bigger flakes. There were a couple that were long like bird feathers, one was almost three inches long!

The snow has since stopped, but before it did, it dusted all the manufactured homes in the trailer park, so it's still fun to look at!

- Byee!!!

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