Thursday, July 28, 2005


This movie is soooo weird and insane. I can't believe people actually acted like this.

I just saw Party Monster late last night. I sat on my couch with my jaw on the floor for a majority of it. Oh the depraviety!! See this movie. It'll trip you out.
I may even own this one day, just to say I do. Not to watch it again, that would be too strange.

Oh to describe the way MaCauley Culkin looked wearing a hostpital mask as a jock strap, or dressed as a woman. Or weirder yet, getting ready to kiss Fez from That 70's Show (Wilmer Valerama)

Let's not even think about Seth Green wearing wigs and snorting heroine up his nose. He's a funny guy, and this... this is just too intense.

Awful, horrible stuff of my nightmares. Please see this movie so you can be disturbed too.


WNW said...

Should I even ask what this movie is about?

Nancy said...

I had the same reaction.... it's a nutty movie.