Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Waiting and more waiting

Well, I talked to my landlady today, to see if I could get any info on when I can finally move in. When she'd talked to me last, she'd told me "a couple weeks", well, that was the 2nd. Since last week I've been checking daily to see if there were any changes made to the apartment. Nothing.
So like I said, I talked to her today. Apparently there is something wrong with the sewage or the water or something and they need to dig through the cement under the unit to fix it. There is one other thing they could do... they could come into my apartment once a month to flush something-or-other to keep it running. Naturally I'd rather they didn't come into my apartment every month, it seems like an invasion of privacy, but it will take much much longer if they have to rip up the cement.
So my choices are: invasion of privacy and moving in early December or wait indefinately while they fix it all the way, or if they'll let me, I'll back out alltogether. What would you do?


WNW said...

I think the new place you are moving into sounds like a shit hole...literally! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Um...sorry. Heard anything from Symantec?

Angi said...

Nope, haven't heard from them Nathan...