Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Resume Remix

So I just got done with the long and drawn out process of re-beautifying my resume. Again.

As I'm sure you all read, I had spent four hours on the last one and it was erased. Well, this one took a little more than that because I was having trouble focusing on it long enough to actually get it done. I'd have to say though, that it's prettier than it was before. I like the new layout, and I even added a few things outside the normal boundaries of resume making. I would post it here, but I don't think the formatting would carry over correctly. hee hee. I also put it on that parchment colored resume paper, that's really nice. I need to get a whole package of that stuff.

In other news:

I just stretched my budget to the limit and agreed to add $100 to my rent so I could move into a two-bedroom apartment. It also means a slightly higher deposit, adding $200. This isn't going to break me completely, but if I don't get a new job soon I won't be able to do X-Mas or Turkey day and those are my favorites. I know, I know, I could go the easy way out and just apply over at Big Yellow, but I really don't want to do phone support anymore.
So in addition to the new resume, I'll be submitting at least four of those over the next two days. That way I'll have proof that I'm trying (for UI) and I'll have a better chance of actually getting a new job soon. LOL

OK, gotta go now. TTYL

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