Monday, September 20, 2004


So I'm done shopping at ebay for awhile. I have purchased books, pc parts, digital and APS cameras, and a Hello Kitty clock. I have gone waaaay over my personal limit. It's so CHEAP though! Yay! Ok, I'm done now. No more ebay for at least 3 weeks!!!

In more news...

My friend Nathan's wife had their baby - Oh so Cute!!

...and I'm thinking about cutting my bangs back again. Must get a really good photo of the kind I want so I can take it in with me the next time I go get my hair cut.

...and the lady who got my resume called me today. I don't know what to do!!! Should I just go for it? Knowing I'll probably make more money there... or should I tell her forget it? If I say forget it I can go along with my first plan and go back to school.
If I go for it and get it maybe I'll get some good experience there. I don't want to be a sales person though. Will I get stuck there? I don't want another job I hate. grrr. What to do-what to do?
If I go for it and don't get it that would be cool too I guess. I don't know.

...and I started illustrating a childrens book, remake of an existing story. I think I'm gonna take it all back to start again though. I don't like the medium that I drew it in. I would really like to get Paintshop, maybe a couple generations old. You know, just so it's better than my windows paint program. The little blocks at the edges of my pictures isn't cool. If I work on it this weekend I could have the whole thing illustrated and get it in adobe by monday. We'll see. I'll maybe post an excerpt here for your review.

Ok, I gotta go now. Kisses 'n Hugs
- Angi


Aaron said...

if you get that new job... they will reimburse up to $5000 per year towords school

WNW said...

Here's the thing about getting a degree. I have a BA in English. Where am I compared to you? Schooling is a waste of time. The end.