Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So crazy...

Friday I was at home playing a video game on the pc and another on the tv. My kids were in the other room playing video games too. Suddenly I hear screaming. I'm thinking the kids were rough-housing so I turn the volume down and wait for a second to see if they were done. I heard nothing for a second.
I turned the volume up again and go back to what I was doing. Then, I hear it again. I mute the volume and go check on the kids. No rough-housing. Just sittin' there playing video games. Listening carefully I tried to figure out what was making the noise. It wasn't loud so it was hard to tell where it was coming from. Walking outside to get a grip on the sound I look across the parking lot and see the source standing there screaming, she was naked, standing behind a chair.
Looking down to my other neighbors standing in from of their porches doing nothing. Watching her scream, I was torn. Should I just go back inside and figure that she was drunk or go closer to see what was wrong?
I realized that no one else was going to do anything. Her husband comes out from the apartment at that point and yells out that she's just drunk and that she'll get over it. He then storms away out of the complex.
That's my cue to check and see whats up. So I walk down the stairs and across the parking lot and start up the stairs on the other side. Looking up I see that she's bleeding. Profusely. From her face. I walked to her and tapped her on the shoulder to let her know that someone was there. I told her that I would be right back. I told my downstairs neighbor, who was on the phone with the cops, that the lady was bleeding. Alot.
Went back to my house and quickly grabbed a clean dishtowel and got it wet. Tried to put cold water on it but there was no time to wait for the water to cool down.
Running back across to get it to her ASAP I notice that there are other people on their way to help. Just as I get there and put the towel on her face a woman in a long shirt walks up to help. She was dripping wet and not wearing any pants. She'd been swimming in the river, which is very near my apartments, and heard the screaming.
I let the new woman take charge, the blood was freaking me out. We helped her inside a bit to get something to put on her. Found a blanket and draped it around her and set her down in the chair she'd been leaning on.
We talked to her for a little while to keep her concious till the police arrived. They asked some questions and then I went home. I was nervous the rest of the night. I wanted to cry. Seeing somebody bleed is one thing, but seeing blood that was resultant from violence has a whole different feeling. It's creepy, you know?

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WNW said...

two things!

1. You are a wonderful caring person

2. You need to move, preferably to Eugene