Friday, July 30, 2004


So in the last two days I lost everything on my harddrive, and then my Nathan left! He was one of the coolest people at that place. Now he's gone!! Bye Nathan! Have fun at the Big House.

My computer is working again. It was the harddrive. I got mad and gave it a good shake and now it comes on everytime. Dammit. I wish I had done that the night before last, then maybe I wouldn't have lost all my stuff. Most of it is backed up on CDs, with the exception of a couple of photos and my new resume. Which took me FOUR HOURS to redo. Now I get to spend another four hours fixing it again and hope that I get it right. It was so perfect. Most everything else I can get back. That was the worst loss. So anyway, I'm done crying about that for now. I'm gonna get a new harddrive to backup to soon and the full version of XP. That'll fix most of my problems on this thing.

ok, so I'm going for now. TTYL

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WNW said...

you should be under warrenty. I suggest calling tech support