Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Crying movies

I just finished watching Armageddon again. It makes me cry everytime. Mr. Bruce Willis. Yum.

I'm watching Nip\Tuck. Another Yum. Christian (I don't know his real name) is HOT.

So, into my personal life. I met a really nice guy online. He lives in another state, so no worries about weird stalkers. No worry about commitment either. I can just talk and not have to think of what to say "the day after".

So 6 weeks till work is over. 4 weeks till I turn 30. Alot of change coming up real quick.

Am I gonna be able to do it? I want to do other things. I really should buckle down and get my paperwork done and find out what kind of college I can get into. I wonder if FAFSA covers ITT tech? I'd like to take something like that. Only two years. I could get that darn programming down. Or maybe be an electrician or something. Hmm.. dunno.

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WNW said...

Armageddon is vastly inferior to Deep Impact