Saturday, June 26, 2004

Book Signing

Since I'm looking forward to a period of time with no job. Crossing my fingers. I think that maybe it's time I get back on the book bandwagon. I have a few ideas. I have had them for a long time, but I'm so tired from working all the time I never get to putting them to paper.
Mental exhaustion is not conducive to creativity.

Staying Connected

So I spent alot of today convincing my friends to give me an email address to contact them with when my time here is up. I got most of the ones that I wanted that I didn't already have. I'm only missing a couple.

The people I will miss working with:
Jacob, Nathan W., Ben, Nathan H., William T., Ryan, Fritchman, Darren, Sandy, Corwin, Laremy, Tara, Jason, Rhonda, Jackie, Lisa, Chris T., Jess, Kendra, Chris H., Dave

- You know, I thought there would be a bigger list. I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of someone else I'll miss enough to write them down here. I discovered though that any other people that may have been on this list are already gone.

---Well, I'm outta here now. See ya!


WNW said...

I'm listed twice, that is because of my awesomeness!

Also, so you are going to do some writing? You should come to our writers group then! Every other Thursday at Kherry McKay's place

Angi said...

This blog has been edited because, as much as I adore Nathan W. I actually meant to put him AND Nathan H.