Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The G-Spot...

Uh wait... sorry, I was actually talking about Gmail sorry.

Ok, So anyway. I am testing a new email address. If you want to help me test this new email address, click on Contact Me on the side over there.

Ok, so at first I didn't think there was an address book. Then I found it. It looks alot like Yahoo email, only simpler. For now anyway. They already said there would be targeted ads. Based on random stuff a computer pulls out of the stuff in my box.
It has lots of space, but the rumor I'd heard from a friend of mine is not true... you can delete stuff, but there's so much space you don't have to.

I put up an ad to give away my kittens yesterday. If you live in Eugene and want a kitten, I've got Four. Loki - Solid black. Bartelby - Black and white on his tummy. Tangerine - Solid Orange. Linkium - Orange with white on his belly. They are all boys, 6 weeks old approximately. They are too cute too.

It was raining today and I didn't want to get wetter than I already was from coming home. I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but instead I ordered pizza. Well, I'm gonna go now, Loki, keeps trying to type for me and he's not very good! LOL

- Nite

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