Saturday, April 17, 2004

A frog on a shirt!

Ok, so maybe it's more of a toad. *giggles*

So I was drawing cartoons the other day at work when I was sooooo bored. I drew a couple that were actually pretty cool, so I thought I'd take them home and put one or two on a t-shirt. So I did. It is sooo cool! It looks like I bought it at the store! I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow.

I'm watching MadTV right now. This is pretty cool. Except they're making fun of The Price is Right. Oh man. They so shouldn't do that. I loved that show. They made it sound like a bad show.

So I started practicing with my hackeysack again tonight. I think I'm gonna try and get my son to play that game. Get him out and doing something.

I'm all alone this weekend. Sad. My son went to Albany for the weekend. I've been avoiding everybody else. I got at least 5 phone calls today. Gonna probably go see a movie tomorrow. I wanna see LOTR finally. I think maybe that's the plan. It shows at 11:30 or something like that.

Anyway, I gotta get off this computer now. TTYL

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